Sunday, January 31, 2010

Creativity - Related Points of View

I love thinking about, talking about and trying on various perspectives that I run across regarding creativity. I believe we are all creative and since I tend to cruise the blogs of creatively expressive people, I see a lot of creative things to think about.

One definition of creativity I ran across recently here : “Creativity is simply looking at something that has always been there and seeing something that has never been seen before”.

I like this and it makes sense to me. Probably makes sense to my friends who consistently declare that they are ‘not’ creative. I believe we need and use our creativity in so many ways to get through life, that some of us are simply blind to it.

One thing that has me currently immersed in the creativity conversation is participating in an online discussion group focused on reading Julia Cameron’s “Walking in This World”. The book is geared towards artists but can easily be applied to any life. The group is being led by my friend Quinn McDonald and you can read about this group on her website. I am enjoying the experience of having this conversation with other creatives.

The peacock photos were taken at Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale, AZ on one of my weekly walks as suggested in Julia Cameron’s book. I find their colors very inspiring. (click photos for a larger view)

Here are some interesting and provocative posts related to creativity that you might enjoy, discovered during my blog cruising:

Busy-ness & Creativity: Productive Flourishing blog, someone I follow on Twitter

Mildly Creative Blog post on starting/finishing I follow Ken on Twitter and love the insightfulness of his blog. And his sketches encourage me to do more of that myself.

Creative Every Day blog There is no specific post I want you to see here, I just love this blog and love  that she encourages people to think of the many ways they are creative every day. I have decided it is smarter for me to sign up for these challenges in April, after my final grad class is complete. Until then, I will simply visit and enjoy and think about what I would do with the themes she posts.

Mildly Creative – “My Inner Delete Button – 7 Things I’m Trashing from my Life”  We all need to delete things from our lives from time to time.

Keep living creatively and remember that I welcome your comments.


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