Thursday, October 11, 2012

Extreme Fabric Painting

I so love finding creative people who love to experiment as much as I do. Amanda and I work together and spent some time in the studio making this:
It is muslin fabric, medium and watercolor sprays. There were a lot of ooohhhs and aaaahhhhs. And a lot of giggling as we went through the process. The fabric was pinned to a piece of styrofoam so that we could pour and spray with abandon. The writing you see through the fabric is actually on the plastic coating of the styrofoam (insulation boards from the local hardware store are great for design walls and art experiments).

 The following photos give you a visual rundown of our efforts and can not begin to communicate the glee that comes with creative experimentation. The delighted young lady in the photos is Amanda, the other 'art experimenter' in this little adventure.  As always, click on the photos to see a larger view.

I will share the pictures of the finished fabric once it has dried. And of course any further experiments. Please leave your comments, we would love to know what you think.


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