Monday, September 16, 2013

Quilt Experiment: Gesso & Paint

After Gesso is added.
After Paint is added.

This fabric mixed media experiment was inspired by work I have seen on the blog Purple Missus and the work that Linda and Diana Kemshall  in their book The Painted Quilt.

I have tried a few 'quilt it then paint it' experiments but this is my first one using gesso after quilting. You can see I also added some beads and a little hand stitching before adding gesso and painting. This was really fun and is still a work in progress.

It has several layers of watered down acrylic (first layer after the gesso) as well as some different colors of Lumiere Russet, Copper and Gold. I did decide it was too metallic and added some Violet Jacquard Textile Color with a sponge brush, gently pulled across the top.

My favorite part of this are the my little circles that meander across this piece. I think they now look like stones in a river.

I am curious what you see and what you like about this experiment? Ever done anything similar?  More to come as I will be adding some satin stitching to the sides and maybe add some more beads and hand stitching.  More to come

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