Monday, August 22, 2011

Review of Lyric Kindard's Surface Design Video

(this link will take you to the Interweave Store video download page for the video)

If you like to try different techniques for fabric. If you love learning visually. If you love having someone explain things in clear and easy to understand ways. Then you’ll probably like this video. It is available from Interweave both as a download and as a DVD.

When you visit the Interweave page about this video there is a supply list broken down for you into categories. To me, supply lists are intriguing because even though you think you know what the instructor will do with particular items, often there is the surprise of how they have chosen to use those supplies.
The video is divided into four segments and each of those segments was packed with information that was useful to me. Some of the information was a great reminder of things I had seen or heard before and some was totally new.

First Segment – Eraser Stamps. I have thought about making stamps from erasers many times and just haven’t gotten around to it. Lyric’s very clear instructions on how she cuts the stamps and her tips on cutting were great. I love the examples and demonstrations of how she uses the stamps and groups of stamps in creating her artwork.

Second Segment – Screen Printing & Stenciling. This is a great refresher or introduction on using screen printing techniques on fabric. Lyric talks about traditional screen printing and touches on thermofax screens as well. Lyric also covers a variety of stencil materials that you can do yourself with materials you probably already have at home. She also touches briefly on mixing colors in this segment and shares with the viewer the types of paints she uses to add color to her work.

Third Segment – Foiling and Photo Copy Transfers. I love foiling and Lyric covers this well and demos how to use a variety of adhesives, including her favorite for this technique. I found it hard to understand the name of the supplier for her favorite adhesive but you can find it on her website, in the links section, under Surface Design Supplies.

I must go and get some Citra-Solv. I have never used this product but Lyric’s demonstration of a photo copy transfer technique using this made me want to run out to the store and get some. It looks really easy and I can’t wait to try it.

Fourth Segment – Lyric show you have to make a little quilted journal slip cover. Her technique for finishing makes it really easy.

Overall, I thought this was a great video. I learned some techniques I did not know and was re-inspired about techniques I did. Lyric has a voice and way of talking that is easy to listen to and her explanations are uncomplicated. Whether you are a beginner just starting out in your explorations with techniques for surface design or you are experienced and looking for a bit of inspiration, this ‘sampler platter’ can be a great addition to your library.

I would love to hear your comments if you've watched this video or have thought about getting it.

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