Monday, February 6, 2012

Marbling with Shaving Cream

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Marbling with shaving cream is delightful! My artistic and creative friend Quinn McDonald had never tried this so we did some yesterday on paper. I love sharing techniques with others. Especially when they are as adventurous and willing to explore as Quinn.

Here are photos of some of the steps we took:

Shaving cream on plastic. Hair pick to the left
Dropping inks onto shaving cream.
Inks moved with hair pick.
Hair pick used to move inks. 

Pull #1
I forgot to take photos of laying the paper on top of the shaving cream once your colors are moved the way you like them. Just make sure your paper makes full contact with the colors on the cream before lifting it and scraping off the excess shaving cream. 
Pull #2

Pull #3

Pull #1

Another first pull.
Pull #2 or #3
Marbling with shaving cream is a fun and easy activity that can be done by adults, children, seniors, or for class room activities.

You can do it almost anywhere.

All you need is
  • a flat surface
  • a cover to protect your flat surface (i.e. foil, foil pan, a cut open garbage bag, wax paper)
  • shaving cream (not gel)
  • ink or paints - Permanent inks like Dr. Ph. Matin's, acrylic inks, Adirondack inks by Ranger, acrylic paints, fabric paints almost anything will work, just try it.
  • a tool for moving paint across the surface (i.e. hair pick, wide tooth comb, wooden skewers)
  • Paper - you can experiment with copy/printer paper, watercolor paper, drawing paper, etc.
  • a scraper or squeegee for scraping the extra shaving cream off of your papers to reveal the design. 


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