Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hold On? or Let Go?

What you hold onto – holds you, and drives your actions. That old hurt from childhood, or from last week. That person you tolerate, who slighted you or hurt your feelings or embarrassed you. The person you thought would love you and protect you, but did not. Those people we choose not to forgive because we think they do not deserve to be forgiven.

Well, when you choose to hold on to anger and resentment, it festers like a sore and grows bigger and more powerful. That anger and resentment begins to take you over. That anger and resentment forms a blockade around your heart and soul. What does the blockade keep out? It keeps out the blessings spirit is trying to deliver to you through others.
How often do you consciously or unconsciously turn away something positive? Do you even notice that you are doing so? How often do you question why others are so much more fortunate than you? Consider that they do not have walls of anger and resentment turning away most of the good things that are coming to them.

Consider that they accept compliments for what they are – acts of kindness, small, intangible gifts, that many people give freely. Consider that the fortunate ones simply say thank you and do not argue or deflect the kindness, they accept the gift without protest. Maybe the fortunate ones are the ones who accept kindness even from those who have hurt them previously. It is possible for gifts to come to us in many forms. They may come in the form of favors, gestures, a connection we needed but did not expect, a chance meeting with just the person who can help you forward something you are committed to. How many of those gifts do you turn away, not realizing that you are blocking a blessing, a gift?

Consider that you do not have to carry around bags of anger and resentment labeled with the names of people who have hurt you or wronged you. Consider that your energy is better spent if you set those bags down and focus your energy on where you are headed. Imagine how relieved your soul would be if it no longer had to be concerned with the weight of all those bags of unforgiven hurts and the energy it takes to drag them around.

Forgiveness is not for the people who hurt you – it is for you. Forgiveness is one of the ways to lighten the load with which you have burdened your soul and your entire being.
You have the power of choice to lighten that load at anytime.
When will you lighten your load? When will you free your soul?
Will you hold on or will you let go?

Written by Rosaland Hannibal ©

A note about copyright: Thank you for respecting my work and not copying this to another blog or other form of print without my permission. You may link back here to the blog or request to use this piece in some of your work by simply contacting me.

Journal prompt – this subject could be used as a journal prompt and if anyone is so inspired, I would love to see what you create. And please feel free to leave comments about this post. I am quite curious as to what it says to people, how it is received or perceived.
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