Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feeling Good by Doing Good

Inspired by this post from Quinn McDonald, I decided to write this brief post today about what we can do in addition to changing our pictures on Facebook. She says better than I could why she isn't changing her photo and what she is doing instead. Yes, the cartoon character thing is fun but my concern, like hers, is what difference does it really make?

I'm challenging myself and my friends to do more than change an avatar on Facebook.  I donated some clothes that I am not going to wear. I know from experience that ‘feel good’ feeling multiplies when you give something of yourself, so along with changing your picture you can donate some food, time, supplies, gift cards, socks, toys, etc to a local agency that provides services for children who are victims of abuse and violence.

Here are some local (Greater Phoenix) agencies to add to the list that Quinn posted:
You can check their websites or call any of these places and they will tell you what they need most.
Childhelp (Scottsdale, AZ) -

Eve’s Place (Surprise, AZ) -

Crisis Response Neetwork (Phoenix, AZ) -

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