Saturday, April 9, 2011

Inspired Today - Lasagne Style Quilt

Kay Sorenson is one of the many art quilters on the Quilt Art list who recently shared her need for a ‘mindless’ sewing project that we all sometimes need. The kind where not a lot of thinking is involved, just the joy of sewing that also yeilds a result.

I had never seen this technique before but it looks easy and fun and Kay’s quilt has the most beautiful batik fabrics in glorious colors.

I have seen this referred to as ‘Lasagne’ style quilt. Apparently, as you can see in this video

 from the Heirloom Creations blog they held a race using a jelly-roll to make a quilt. They provide the instructions on their blog and have photos of some of the quilts made during the 'race'.
FYI – a jelly-roll is a collection of about 40 fabric strips that are pre-cut to 2.5” by 44”. They come in assorted colors. A search of the term jelly roll fabrics will give you a lot to look at.

Here’s a blog post from CakesbyKristin blog about this style of creating a quilt that has great ‘up-close’ photos.

A lot of ideas came to mind while looking at this quilt:

• Baby quilts (you probably would just need to shorten the original strips; you could put cool little motifs in between each strip or group them in colors pink, blues, pastels, brights)

• African fabrics (w/ maybe a unifying little block of color, like red, in between each strip)

• Great quilt for free motion practice because no one would be able to see any of the mistakes made.

• Great for playing with colorways, can’t you just see one in greys and blacks or purples or blues or black & white fabrics or reds, or red & white fabrics . . .

• Great way to create a bunch of quilts to donate – you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about color and placement, just enjoy the sewing

• Probably the most time consuming part, aside from cutting your own strips, would be stitching them end to end. I know that I am the type who would not sew them on the diagonal but just straight end-to-end, like I do my binding strips

• Leftover Christmas or other holiday fabrics

• Leftover hand-dyed fabrics, or not leftover

• Shiboried fabrics

• Fabrics you’ve created using various surface design techniques and don’t know what to do with

What comes to mind for you?

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