Sunday, May 15, 2011

Surface Design Postcard Swap - Texture Postcards

I signed up this week to join a swap on the Surface Design Yahoo Group. The theme of this swap is landscape texture postcards so we have to do fabric postcards with texture and depth to them. We only have to make 4 so I think I can get these designed and out in the mail in time for the deadline of June 20th. Some of my postcards will be going to people in Australia. I love how connected the world is today.

Now what should I do for my postcards? What immediately came to mind was to maybe use some of my photos for inspiration.

Maybe one of these that I took from the car on a trip to Sedona last year:

Hmmm. All of these qualify as landscapes. All three have great visual texture with a lot of options for recreating those textures on fabric. None of these are stellar photographs but they do not have to be since I will add and/or subtract things to make the piece work as a postcard.

And who knows, maybe working on these postcards will spark some ideas for a larger quilted landscape.

As always, click on any photo for a larger view and comments are always welcomed. 

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