Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blind Painting

Art Detour was held recently in downtown Phoenix. Art Detour is an annual, self-guided tour of artist spaces, art spaces and other art venues and is organized by Artlink Phoenix .

At Warehouse 1005, one of the many Art Awakenings art studios around Arizona, I painted this while blindfolded. I had a palette of paint colors, an 8" x 8" canvas secured on an easel, and a few brushes. Since I am left handed, I used my right hand as a way to register the location of the canvas so I would not be 'painting the air'. As I picked up the first brush and tried to remember the colors on the plate, 'tree' came to mind so that is what I went for. Then some grass and some birds.

There was a band playing music just outside the studio doors. So I listened to the music and let myself paint. It is an awesome experience to paint while blindfolded. No judgments, no inner critic chatter, no worrying about others, no corrections to make - just painting. I highly recommend the experience.

People came through all day and created their own blind paintings. All of the paintings will be included in a community exhibition on May 4th through May 18th at Warehouse 1005 in downtown Phoenix.

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