Monday, January 21, 2013

Textures in Clay

I. Love. Texture. I love to explore mediums and techniques to see how I might combine them.

My recent explorations with earthenware clay and  various textures have led me to creating several free-form flat shapes of clay with texture designs on the surface. These are so much fun!

I have been fairly obsessed with this current idea of creating these free-form shaped flat clay pieces with texture designs on their surface. I have created texture with objects such as shells, feathers, beads, metal, needle point canvas, and more.

I love this type of creative exploration and am having fun just letting the pieces come to life.

This piece was created in earthenware clay with textures and clay embellishments added before kiln firing. The bisque-ware was then painted with a variety of acrylic paints, and a couple of fabric paints. I will be adding wire, fibers and beads so will share more as the piece progresses.

As always, click on each picture to view larger image. And comments are always welcome.

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