Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Sharing #2 - Prose Poems

Share:  To give or receive part of something. Participate: To join with others in some thought, feeling or action.

Below are more of my thoughts and feelings about life, as it flows. There are so many questions and explorations we can explore while we're here in this life. Feel free to share some of your own in the comments or a link to your own blog. Sometimes I pick a subject or theme but often, the subject chooses me. Even if you've never written poems, letting the words out can help to release what's inside, so it does not consume you. It is all part of the flow. Enjoy.


The darkness of fear or the light of faith?
The darkness of judgment or the light of compassion?
The darkness of anger or the light of forgiveness?
The darkness of sorrow, or the light of happiness?
The darkness of selfishness, or the light of sharing?
The darkness of self-righteousness, or the light of understanding?
The darkness of sadness, or the light of joy?
The darkness of hatred or the light of love?
The darkness of war, or the light of peace?

Darkness or Light, your choice?


Stand for your own heart.
Say what you need to say,
Using love as your guide.
Do the things that move you,
Things that move you forward and
Things that expand your heart
And your vision of the world.
Exercise your right to choose what works for you.
Give what you are moved to give and
Receive  with openness
So others can give what they are moved to give.


Are You?

Are you open or closed?
Are you right or are you open to discovery?
Are you busy or are you aware?
Are you domineering or can you listen?
Are you 'strong' or can you accept assistance?
Are you the 'jury' or can you see beyond your own thoughts?

Are you so fearful that you only give hurt?
Are you so ashamed that all you can offer is blame?
Are you so 'alone' that you cannot see those in your life who befriend you?
Are you so 'unlovable' that you won't allow love to penetrate your defenses?
Are you so afraid of pain that pain is all you experience?

Are you willing to be responsible for choosing who you are in your life?


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