Friday, August 21, 2009

Saturday Sharing - Prose Poems - Creative Expressions

I'm calling them prose poems because I don't know what else to call them. I express myself in many creative ways and one of them is writing - not 'start to finish' stories but 'glimpses' and 'views' or 'perspectives' if you will. I don't so much write them as allow them to flow out from me. Usually they are triggered by some issue or event that evokes some strong or maybe even subtle but persistent feeling. I like them and usually don't share them, but that changes with this post. I have plenty and will share some each Saturday in no particular order and with no particular theme. I hope they speak to you in some way.

Today there are 3:

The Abyss

You have stolen my heart!
I feel myself teetering on the edge of love -
That joyous and frightening abyss.

My internal struggle is fast and furious,
But love never loses.

I was not afraid before I met you,
But now, as I consider
Relinquishing that last illusion of control,
I am consumed by fear and giddy amazement.
That someone might actually care for me
The way that I care for them.

I know that my heart will survive
The rapid change in beats
As I ponder, gleefully and with complete terror,
What the abyss may reveal.

But, there is no excitement, risk or gain
If I hold myself back.
So, over the edge . . . I fly!

R, 7/07


Ever been to hell?
No, not the one they preach about.
I'm talking about that personal, private hell
We have all taken ourselves to.

The one where we are worthless.
Where we can do nothing right.
Where we are never good enough.
Where we never live up to expectations.

The personal, private hell
Where we endure continuous berating.
Where we hear and believe
That no one will ever love us,
That no one can.
And if they say they do, they are lying.

That personal hell inside our heads,
Where the amusement park is anything but amusing.
Where there are hellish rides,
The rides we give our sanity to experience,
Over and over and over again, endlessly.
At least, endless until we've had enough.
Until we find a way, or simply choose
To leap to freedom.
Grateful to return to the real world.
Always aware
That we can return at any time to the
Un-amusing, self-absorbed, hellish park
Where we thoughtlessly torture ourselves.
Until next time . . .

R 6/09

What . . . if

What if you wait until tomorrow,
and tomorrow is too late?
What if you hold back your love,
and tomorrow they move on?
What if you fail to nurture your soul,
and you become angry and resentful?
What if you won't forgive becuse 'they' were wrong,
and tomorrow you need them?
What if you wait years to say 'I love you',
and tomorrow they are gone?
What if you gave up worrying,
and lived each day like it was the only one?

R 1/06

That's it for today. Thank you for spending some time with me here. Have a wonderful weekend and please, leave comments, especially if any move something in you or remind you of something or . . .


Karen said...

I love all three of them! Hell really struck a chord!! My mind likes to live there more than I would like!! Your work is beautiful on the jewelry! Sorry I haven't been here lately!

Rosaland Hannibal said...

Thanks Karen! When I ran across that one Hell, I thought, I'll bet others can relate to this. I do miss you and hope all is well. I got your envelope on Wednesday nite.

Cheryl said...

First, thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog, and second for so bravely sharing your soul with your poetry.

Rosaland Hannibal said...

Cheryl you're welcome and thank you for stopping by :-).


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