Thursday, May 20, 2010


My best 'One Moment' this week. 'OM' is the 'one moment' weekly meetup coordinated by . When you get to the bottom of this post, click on the OM icon and go check it, you can join us too! The purpose is to share what makes you pause, smile, slow down . . .

On one of the last few cool (you know, around 89 degrees) early evenings in the Valley of the Sun, I went to the park the other day right after work to keep myself from taking a nap. Of course, I knew the exercise would make me feel better too. Well, my reward on this day was a peacock, actually two, that spread their feathers.

I was in the section of the park with two rows of grapevines, taking pictures of how the grapes were progressing.  I spotted one gorgeous male that had his wings spread and his back to me. He would not turn around. Ok. I've never seen the back spread of a peacock. Remember, you can click on any of the photos for a larger view.

Then a little bit later, another magnificent creature, spread his feathers for me. I did figure out that it is mating season right now and this is part of the ritual - males strutting their stuff to attract the females.

Well, I think I stood their happily snapping picture for at least 15 minutes, maybe more. I was standing about three feet from him.


I am, after all, quite easily delighted, especially by the color and beauty of nature. And he stood there, turning one way and then another, showing off.

So rather than focusing on my own exhaustion and how soon I could escape into sleep, I enjoyed the moments of cool air, knowing we are about to hit the triple digit temperatures for the next five or so months. I enjoyed the breeze, the overcast sky, the progress of grapes growing on the vines and the beauty of these magnificent birds.

So soon my walks will be early morning only, when the temps are in the low 100s. And the rest of my spare time will be spent creating with fabric and beads and other things. I think my creative slump is over.

The End
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alamodestuff said...

Peacocks are so magical! Your pictures are great. About a year ago, I was driving through a neighborhood in California and there were wild peacocks roosting everywhere. It was so surreal and spectacular.

I took the liberty of linking this post onto my post.

Have a great weekend!!

Danangib said...

Beautiful shots, really spectacular!


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