Saturday, July 3, 2010

Creative Living: CoOp Review - Bountiful Baskets

Happy Independence Weekend everyone! This is a 'happy customer' review.

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Part of nurturing my soul includes giving it the kind of fuel that keeps it running better. I am on a mission to eat more fruits and veggies. So when I heard about the fruit & veggie coop Bountiful Baskets, I had to try it out. This all volunteer effort apparently takes place in about seven U.S. states.

Tuesday (6/29) I selected my preferred location based on their list, which also included pick-up times. I looked at their offerings for the week, the regular $15 basket plus extra choices of blueberries, cookies, breads, etc. I then  paid my $15,  for the 50% fruit and 50% veggie collection. And I also paid $20 for 12 pints of blueberries (I love blueberries!) I also had a choice of an organic basket instead of the regular for an additional $10. Since I didn't know quite what to expect, I went for the $15 this first time.

selections made, site/location chosen, paid them and got my receipt. They only take debit or credit and you can't pay at the pick-up site, only pick up. There's a strict pick-up-time window, and they only hold your stuff for about 20 minutes, so you have to rise and arrive on time on that Saturday morning. I loved that they sent me a reminder email on Friday evening, very smart.

So I arrived at 7:20 am this morning, and considering the temps are supposed to be about 114 again today, it was quite pleasant. Talked to people in line while I waited. I brought my receipt but they also had my name on a list which they checked off. All the baskets were laid out and ready. After being officially checked off I went to a volunteer who was raising their hand. They even helped me carry my three boxes to the car. Wanna see what I got?  Check it out.

Here's my total haul:  
Blueberries - I will be freezing most of these. 12 1-pint containers.

Veggies - Celery, Broccoli, Lettuce, Corn, Tomatoes and Brussels Sprouts. I've never eaten a brussel sprout in my life so I'll be looking up recipes to try them out. I may have to gift these, we'll see.

Fruit - Granny Smith Apples, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Nectarines, Bananas, and a small pineapple. Did you know you can slice and freeze bananas? Great for smoothies.

So, for my local friends and family who were curious - I will do it again. I'm sure it is slightly different each time. The people I was in line with said last week they had peaches, oh yum. Well worth the $15 and the getting up early on a Saturday morning. And it is kind of like Christmas cuz you don't know exactly what you're going to get.

Great experience  from the ease of payment, the reminder email on Friday, the very well organized and helpful volunteers and of course, my haul of fruts and veggies.

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