Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Gathering of Creatives

I am so fortunate to have a lot of artistic and creative friends. I had a chance to get together with Mary and Sheila last week in Chandler. We decided to get together to catch up on what we're all working and see what creative mischief we could get into. We even worked a little bit on Mary's blog.

Me, looking quite happy

Really? Could I look any more content? I'm sure no one else hates 'every' photo that is taken of them but these two - I like. That contentment is probably my number one reason for doing anything creative, it calms my soul.

And it really does not have to be complex or complicated types of creativity. Drawing with a pen or pencil, crayons to paper, needle and beads,
sewing machine - it doesn't matter. The process is what matters.
Ok. Back to the fun.

Here's what we played with, OPALS Embossing powders, which can be purchased at After Midnight Stamps (Am Stamps), come in a variety of colors and are melted in the same type of pot in which you melt Utee. Mary was gracious in letting us play in her supply of Opals and molds. This was easy and fun and gave me some things to add to future mixed media creations.
And the results were fun indeed:


You can visit Mary's blog here and as soon as I remember Sheila's blog I'll update and post it here.

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