Sunday, November 14, 2010

Inspiration for Creativity and a little Gratitude

Inspiration comes to me in many forms of expression.
(Reminder - clicking on photo gives you a closer look)

I spent a recent Saturday morning fillng my creative reserviors at the Desert Botanical Gardens here in Phoenix with one of my creative accomplices, Quinn McDonald.
What a calm and peaceful way to spend a Saturday. Walking with a friend like two old desert rats with walking sticks taking in the wonderful weather and the increadible desert flora of the garden.


The butterfly exhibit delighted my heart.

Just the relaxing feeling that is present when you step into an enclosed, but open area, full of greenery and color from the flowers and the butterflies themselves. Feeling and watching the butterflies sail quietly passed you as you move along the path, looking up, down and all around to see where they may have landed.

You do your best to capture a pose or two. How do they know to close their wings right at the moment you snap the photo? How do they know that when they hang out on the overhead branch, it provides a perfect shot for you, right up close.

What a treat this was. This could spark a series of butterfly quilts, hmmmm.

Once Quinn and I made sure that no butterflies were trying to escape their lovely habitat by attaching themselves to us as we departed their world, we mosied down the paths and arrived at the patio cafe. The weather was very pleasant and eating lunch outside, under the trees, in the shade was rather heavenly.

Quinn is one of those creative ones that I have that special 'we can talk for hours and never run out of things to say' connections. And I cherish it. The ideas and possibilites seem to flow when we are talking.

And finally the mask exhibit with masks from Gwynn Popovac who creates the most wonderful, intricate and incredible masks in this small show.

Her masks make you want to move in close after you marvel at them from afar.

What can be seen upclose is the amount of fun she has in creating them, as well as the intricate thread work and beadwork she gives each piece. I imagine that these are hours and hours of joyful, in-the-zone creating, as they unfold into intricate beauty.

Overall a most enjoyable and inspiring day.

------ Gratitude--------

I am grateful for beautiful places like this in the desert.
I am grateful for friends like Quinn.
I am grateful for my creative way of looking at the world.

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