Friday, July 30, 2010

More Mixed Media on Fabric - Papers

Here's another group of my mixed media examples. The focus here is obviously papers. Papers are easy to attach to fabric/quilts and the attachment can be done many ways. The most logical choice for me, and what I always try is stitching it down - either by hand or machine.

This first example is a recycled brown paper bag, a Dairy Queen bag to be specific. I save all of my brown or white paper bags from purchases, cut them open, iron them and keep them clipped together. Sometimes, really I should say often, I paint them first. The brown bag below was painted with Lumieres (my 'go to' paints) and then foiled. I hadn't tried foiling yet and I like the look.

click for closer view

This example is a much smaller version of something I saw on the blog of Sue Bleiweiss on July 15, 2010. I love the work she does and have been following her blog for a long time. When I saw her example and the gorgeous one on her website, I was working on my little 7"x7"examples for the presentation and thought it was the perfect thing to try out and remind me to send the group to Sue's blog for more inspiration. I believe I used Misty Fuse to attach the bag to the fabric before stitching. But usually I will use medium to lightweight fusible interfacing to iron to the back of my painted paper bags to give them some stabiity before I stitch into them. Works for me every time.

This is papers attached with gel medium and then stitched. There's always more than one way.

I learned about Misty Fuse from one of Sue's classes I think. At least 2 years ago. For this sample I used tea bags that I had my boss save for me; rose petals from the bridal section at either JoAnn's or Michael's and candy foils that I had someone save for me from Dove chocolates. I love using Misty Fuse. In case you didn't know, Misty Fuse has a facebook page and they do giveaways on there from time to time.

And of course Tyvek, you know, the stuff they make postal envelopes from. So along with saving tyvek envelopes you get in the mail, which I know you can buy from Joggles, have fun at their site, they have a lot of cool stuff and a lot of great classes.This tyvek I painted and ironed between two pieces of parchment.
Next installment - metals.


Lisa said...

I loved looking at your blog. I have to teach myself how to use misty fuse... I've had it for about 6 months now! And I LOVE the metal work you did on your quilts in the next post. Awesome work.

Rosaland Hannibal said...

Lisa thanks so much. I am having fun playing with these metals. And I always love using Misty Fuse. You can do quite a bit with it. Let me know if you have questions. Misty Fuse also has a facebook page where they give tips, etc.


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