Monday, October 4, 2010

Studio Tours + Creative Companions = Inspiration & Fun! (part 1)


What a great combination for a Saturday. Taking a trip to the red rocks of Sedona with three friends to enjoy the beauty of the area, the studio tours and each others company. Seriously good.

Mary Poindexter & Dee Durkee

Our first stop was at the home studio of Dee Durkee who creates fiber art vessels, wall-art, jewelry and journals. Three of our group knew Dee so we were looking forward to seeing her place and her work.

Sheila in Dee's studio



Our next stop was the Studio of Shirley Eichten Albrecht and her husband. Shirley creates beautiful, colorful reed, raku and gourd baskets. I loved her studio because it was so bright and they were very welcoming. Sorry, no photos of this stop.
Third on our list was the studio of a weaver named Pamela Gunning. Pamela weaves scarves, and shawls. I was fascinated by her equipment.

Then of course we had a make a lunch stop and the Wildflower Bread Company turned out to be a wonderful choice. And after lunch we couldn’t help but do a little shopping in the shops in the same location. And I loved this piece of artwork in the courtyard. Pretty Pony. At the time I did not think to get the name of the artist.

This is the end of part one.I will have the second part posted by Thursday with lots more photos.

Can you tell we had a great time?!!

As always, I appreciate you taking the time to visit. Feel free to leave comments.

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