Saturday, April 18, 2009

ATCs (Revised Post)

I just had to revise this because the photos of the ATCs did not show up in detail once you click on the photo, and I want you to see the closeup. Now you can. Blogger is pretty user-friendly but you have to be a little adventurous to figure some stuff out.

The Yahoo Surface Design Group recently did a technique swap of ATCs. One of the things I love about the internet is that you can interact with people all over the world. We were to select a technique to work up our ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and then send them out along with instructions on how to do the technique. This is a very talented and adventurous group and I am excited to be able to share and learn within this group. Here are the ATCs I received:

This one is by Jan Z. in Minnesota.

by Marga K. in Florida.

by Britta A. in Germany.

Michele G. in Texas.

by Judy A. in Georgia.

Aynsley M. in Ohio.

Debbi B. in Australia.

Elizabeth W. in Virgiinia.

Margaret R. in the United Kingdom.

Now I have a bunch of new techniques to try. And, here is my ATC, done using painted black Misty Fuse, gold leaf, mica flakes and a little soy silk fiber.

I will post some of the steps for this ATC in a few days.


Karen said...

They are all great!! I am thrilled to know you and see your terrific work in person!

Rosaland Hannibal said...

Thanks Karen! I so enjoyed our trip to Mavs with you all on Wed nite. Looking forward to more inspiring times!

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Rosaland - the ATCs really look great - it certainly was a terrific exchange. I am looking forward to trying your technique - I have only painted vliesofic up to now!

Rosaland Hannibal said...

Thanks Debbi, it really was fun. Have fun trying the misty fuse.

Gina said...

What a great idea, and such wonderful cards!


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