Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Quilts

Thank heaven it's Friday! Maybe I can squeeze in a little art and quilting time this weekend. Not that I don't squeeze it in whenever I get the chance.

Yesterday I finished a second baby quilt for a client, in pinks and purples. As much as I love the freedom in creating art quilts, I also love the quest for precision in tradition style piecing and quilting. For me, it is all about the process. The client and I shopped together for the fabrics for this quilt and the first one in pinks and browns. I think because I love the process and challenge of creating something I am satisfied with, I do not have a problem when I have a client that prefers different color/fabric choices than I do. For me, it is like stepping into their shoes, appreciating their point of view for their preferences, and then creating/execute a product that I am pleased to put my name on, whether I prefer the colors or not. Makes it interesting and challenges me to expand my view of the world.

Here's the pink and brown one. She liked this design which is why we used it for both. In fact, the third one will also be this same design. Always amazing how a change of fabrics and colors gives it a different look.

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