Monday, April 6, 2009

Fabric Portraits Class!

Oh soooo much fun! Took a class on Saturday with Ruth Green, a wonderful instructor. Ruth & I, along with most of the students in the class, are members of an art quilt group called the Mavericks ( If you're local, meaning Phoenix & surrounding areas, you should check us out. It is the most inspiring group of women, and men, I have ever been around. Mavericks is part of the Arizona Quilters Guild (
Anyway, here's (above) what I finished before leaving class . I never been so delighted. It was so much fun. Now I just have to add the stitching and work on a painted fabric background.
Look for updates later as I bought the threads I need yesterday.
This was based on a photo of my nephew who was killed 3 years ago in April, on his mother's birthday. This is a gift for her. I just hope it turns out.

Here are some photos of us working in class. Ruth Green is an awesome instructor.
This is her with a class sample. Thanks so much Ruth!
This is my 'creativity partner' Mary the dollmaker.
More students working away, or should I say 'playing away'.

My newest friend Gwen who is probably going to join Mavericks and maybe even join Mary & I on our sporadic 'play & create dates'.

Finally, it's me. I will keep you posted on how this turns out.


Pepper said...

OMG This is so real and life like.This is very very good. I like it!

Karen said...

Looks like a great time!! You did good!!

Sonji Hunt said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog. Much appreciated.

It's amazing to see the way your piece looked in the middle of your class and how you refined it. Lovely work. And congratulations on joining blogland.


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