Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fabric Portrait Finished!

In the midst of the rest of life, I was able to get this completed for Carla’s birthday this past Monday. She loved it and I am so delighted that I learned this technique.

Working on this quilt for his mother made me realize how much I miss him, how much we all miss him. When he was killed it was such a blow to our family. But love never dies. See his memorial site here

I love this piece! Not bad at all for a first time try. I already have several ideas for more. Here is a full shot of the finished one, the original photo and a few close-up shots.

I think it helped using universal size 8 needles (which my mature eyes needed help to thread). I think it also helped to use my walking foot, which I use for piecing as well as non-free motion sewing.

I had to borrow it so I could share it at show & tell tonight at the Mavericks meeting.


Elizabeth said...

This piece is amazing!! I am so in awe of your work!! Great job! you should be very proucd of this piece!!

charleneburgett said...

I saw this piece in person and it is incredible. You are so talented, Roz!

Rosaland Hannibal said...

Thanks so much Charlene! As you know, I love creating stuff. The fact that others enjoy it is a major bonus!


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