Sunday, April 19, 2009

Embossed Glass Class

About a month ago I took a wonderful class from Char Sanchez called Embossed Glass at a place in central Phoenix called Cooking With Glass, see Char is an incredible teacher with a great teaching style and lots of knowledge to share.

My friend Julia, see her work here , and I took this class together and as the only two students, we had a blast! You’ll see from Julia’s site that she is great at the fused glass thing and she has been teaching me all about how it works. She also taught me how to do etched metal, but that is for another post.

Here are some photos from our class that day.

Char & Julia Julia's Piece in the Kiln

First we layered our glass using pieces of dichroic glass, this stuff is so cool. Then we fired up the kilns.

My Piece in the Kiln

Once they were hot, hot, hot, we put the gloves on and stamped into the extremely hot glass. This makes it sound very quick, but there is a lot of thought and caution (always respect your tools) that goes into this process.

Julia Embossing Me Embossing.

Of course, I forgot to take a photo of our big square pieces after they were finished, but, here are my pieces after Julia's wonderful husband cut my square in half and then cut each triangle into 5 pieces. Then Julia refired them to smooth out the edges.
Can you see the swirl embossed into the center glass piece? How cool is that?

Not sure if you can see the dragonfly I stamped into this one.

I am going to make necklaces out of the 3 center pieces of each triangle (see below). Will post later when I work out what I like.


Elizabeth said...

Welcome to Blogland Rosaland!! You are going to love it!! I am so impressed by your wonderful pictures of this whole process- and of the completed pieces of course!!!! thanks so much for posting this and I can't wait to see what the finished necklaces look like!!

Rosaland Hannibal said...

Elizabeth thanks for commenting. I've been having lots of fun learning to do these glass pieces.


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