Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Journal & A Magnolia

A Journal

I made this journal in a hurry last night because I forgot I needed one for my class tonight with Quinn McDonald called 'Raw Art Journaling', see her blog about it here . So in my very tired state, after my homework was finished, I created this cased-in book.

The rule is still true, ‘if you’re in a hurry, do something else’. So, I need to make some adjustments to this journal before I’ll be happy with it. But, I love the colors and the textures. At least I had some text blocks on hand. I’m thinking embellishments with Shiva Paintsticks and/or Portfolio oil crayons, we’ll see. The solid fabric is a purple African fabric tone-on-tone and the right side is handpainted paper that was given to me last year by my friend Fish as a birthday gift. I love the color & texture of this paper. I like to use stiff interfacing, like Fast2Fuse for the inside instead of the traditional boards. More possibilities that way and a softer feel.

A Magnolia

At work we have a marvelous magnolia tree that blooms briefly once a year and the first one appeared yesterday.
Here it is as I saw it yesterday morning:
and here it was this morning open and beautiful:
and I am very happy with this closeup photo:
That saying, 'the more you do something, the better you get', seems to be true with my photography.

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Karen said...

Your pics are really great!!


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